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My Favorite Things

My Favorite Games:

Mortal Kombat Games

Soul Calibur 2

Need for Speed: Underground

Tony Hawks Underground

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

And a bunch of other Games

My Favorite Movies:
The Day after Tommorrow
Harry Potter 1,2,3
Van Helsing
Lethal Weapon 1,2,3,4
Beverly Hills Cop 1,2,3
Undercover Brother
Here are more movies I have uncovered and have seen:
Pirates of the Carribean, 
The Hulk
Freddy VS Jason
LOTR: Return of the King,
Soul Plane
The Real Cancun,
A Beautiful Mind,
Reindeer Games,
Bruce Almighty,
Me, Myself, and Irene,
Liar, Liar,
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls,
The Mask
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
And a bunch of other Movies!!!

My Favorite Books:
All sorts of Books
Harry Potter Series
Dragonlance Series
and a bunch of others

Here are some more TV Shows I watch:
Duel Masters
Monster Garage
American Chopper
Monster House
Law & Order
And a bunch of other shows!!!

My Favorite TV Shows:
Yu Yu Hakusho
Dragonball GT
Gundam Seed
Megas XLR
Ed, Edd and Eddy
Transformers Armada/Energon/Cybertron
And Many, Many Others!!!