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My Normal Profile

Name: Shioko Montaro

Age: 28

Race: Part Elf, Full Demon (( He has only went this form once )) and Part Human


Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 5' 11"

Element That Shioko Controls: Fire

Items That he Carries:

Flute: A flute that Shioko carries because he likes to play it, for only one reason Shioko's parents played him his favorite song called Dragon's Lullaby on the same flute he carries, and he stills plays the same song till today although he knows more songs

A Locket: This Locket was given to him by somebody special when he was younger and he only opens it when he is alone 

His Satchel: This bag he made out of the fur and skin of an Yokarkan Hoshmammoth (( very rare animal found on the continent of Yokarkas )) in of which he carries his items  

Potions: He carries these potions to heal wounds or just to give energy back to the person if they are weak or he uses the potions to create Spells and such

A Slagwurms Tooth: This tooth he found after he left The Third Village after training in more Martial Arts he found this tooth in of which people believe if you found a Slagwurms tooth, they believed it was Holy and protected the bearer of the tooth. Shioko just uses it as a lucky charm

Three Sharkon Jewel Shards: The three shards he found after leaving the Third Village in of which gave him extraordinary powers and new attacks that he uses sometimes and they also suppresses his Demon Form in of which he has only gone this form once

Fire Elemental Orb: This Orb is one of many other Elemental Orbs that are on the world of Toryuah in of which he uses it to protect his friends or to just protect himself

Chimeara Blood Charm: This Charm was found when he was walking on a forest path that he was following to get to another village to get food and water since he had ran out

His Outfit: Shioko wears a Chinese Gung Xi outfit that he modified so that he could wear it as normal clothes, he does not wear the hat that comes with the outfit, and over the outfit he wears a Long Coat that is black, He wears sunglasses over his eyes, He wears enchanted gloves on his hands, and he wears boots, and he also wears a pendant around his neck as well


Dragon of Shadow Flame: an attack that uses an a mystical dark dragon of the underworld as a powerful attack and can kill the user, This attack is his most powerful attack and this attacks power is suppressed by a mystical pair of black gloves that he has only ever taken off once, but he can fluctuate the power of his attack through his gloves

Dragon Gunfire: An attack that he can only use 3 times a day but it is very powerful and it can wound the opponent but not kill him and it is formed by holding his two hands down by his side and forming fireballs in both of them, then he clasps his hands together so that the fireballs are put together to form a bigger ball of fire and fires it like a dragon spewing fire from its mouth

Wall of Flames: an attack that he uses with to create a wall of flames to protect himself, this is a very good defense technique, it is impenetrable to any attack and will only be penetrated when his power is low or he is badly hurt

Phoenix Sword: a technique which makes a Fire energy sword in either hand and is pretty powerful and it can also be used to make a Fire bow and arrow but it takes up alot of energy to do it but this technique is pretty powerful

Dragons Rage: A technique sort of like the Dragon Gunfire technique but it fires multiple shots and it fans out, although it fans out and hits anything in its path and can also be fired as a big wave all at once

Reign of Fire: a powerful attack that he uses since he is the controller of the Fire Elemental Orb, that the village elder gave him and when he uses this attack he forms a giant meteor shower above his head with his arms outstrecthed above his head and so is his hands and it incircles him above his head and then he launches the attack by throwing his hands and arms down and then the fireball meteor shower fires directly at the ground and it hits everything that is in the selected area

Volcanic Eruption: This attack he hardly ever uses because it is to strong and can almost kill him, But he only used it once to destroy A Garlec clan that had attacked him and destroyed them he did, but in order to use this attack he must summon up enough energy in order to do it, This attack is when his hand glows a firey red, and then he strikes the ground with his glowing fist, and the ground splits open erupting with flames and engulfing everybody and everything in flames including the one using the technique

Clash of Fire: This attack starts out when both of his hands and arms are glowing red then they ignite into two big flame spears and then he flys up into the air and strikes the opponent with them and the opponent is engulfed in flames and eventually dies from the burns

Blade of Flame: This technique is used with a sword in which he channels his fire energy into his sword and then of which his sword is engulfed in flames and what he does next is flies up in the air and swings his sword in a X type of fashion and strikes the opponent 8 times all in a row and the opponent is severly injured from the attack

Magma Cannon: An attack in which he channels his energy into his hands (( Sort of like an energy wave of Fire )) and then of which he fires it in rapid shots and the attack is very strong and he uses the attack often if needed

Flame Rush: A power technique in which he raises his power to strengthen his attack and defense and this attack can also be use as a speed technique in which to speed him up and it can also be used as an attack sort of like the Dragons Gunfire technique but instead of it only being used 3 times a day, it can be used a lot more than that, and it fires like an energy wave



Elven style swords: These two swords were gaven to him from The village Elder, in of which The Elder blessed the swords to never break and to slice through anything, He stores them on his back in dual Hilts attached to his back


Elven style daggers: The daggers he made himself, are blessed as well to never break and slice through anything, but are smaller and shorter than the swords and are stored in there hilts along his belt


Elven style of bow and arrows: The Bow and arrow Shioko also made himself using his Elven craftsmanship he made the Bow and Arrows the strongest that he could make them and he made sure that they would never break as well (( I mean the Bow would never break, not the arrows ))


Scythes: These scythes he made himself, The handles were made from the Ocukukan tree, which is a very strong tree, The blades he crafted himself from The Steel of Orc Blades that he had found, He made it so that the blades and the handles would never break, by coating them in Dragon Blood was he able to do this, He puts them on his belt so that the blades are on top of the belt and the handles are underneath and everytime he walks the blades do not hurt him


Axes (( Only Two small ones )): These Two Axes were a present from a tribe of humans that he passed on the way to find one of the Orbs, but he stopped to stay a night in the human encampment since he was tired and in the morning they just gave him axes for no apparent reason 

Personality: He has a quiet and shy attitude towards other people, but when he gets to know the person he opens up and stops being quiet and shy and becomes joyful and perky. He has two personality’s one when he is fighting a very serious fighting personality and his other normal silent, shy self in which he shows it more than ever, Shioko has the personality of a loner, but he used to have an outgoing and fun personality until his village was destroyed from the horde of demons that attacked the Temple of the Sharkon Jewel, Now he has a quiet, to himself type of personality,

Story/History: His history is a sad one, When he was only a baby his parents which were his father was a fox demon elf mix and his mother was a human elf mix, and they were killed and he was taken in by his aunt and uncle that lived in the next village a few miles away and when he got a little older like around 10 or 11 years old, he went to the local dojo and trained in the Martial Arts of Ninjitsu, Twae Kwon Do, Karate, and Hapkido, and after training in those martial arts for 6 years, when he was 16 he learned Swordsmanship and that is when his aunt and uncle died and that is when he was tooken in by the village elder and he trained for 1 1/2 years in swordsmanship and when he turned 18, the whole village was destroyed and burned to the ground by the Orcs and the Garlecs but he survived and left to continue on his journey to find the other orbs, After leaving the village that was destroyed by the Orcs and Garlecs. He went to another village in which he trained in about 9 more martial arts which were Muay Thai, Shaolin Fist, Kenpo, Mantis, Pi Gua, Aikido, Fu Jow Pai, Shuai Chiao, San Shou and he trained in these Martial Arts until he was about 22 and after that, he created his own Martial Arts Style called Jowsutopai Chiao. Shioko soon after he left the village after training in more martial arts, he soon obtained three Sharkon Shards, in which he remembered that in the first village in which he lived that there was a big temple that housed the Sharkon Jewel, and he was proud of himself that he found three of the however many shards that were out there. Although He was a Half-Demon because of the Jewel. In of which he has turned 28 in search of the Shards and The Orbs.


Some of his new attacks are:

Shining Aura - a defensive technique in which, he creates a holy aura around himself to protect him and others inside it

Burning Bang Blast - A technique that he uses in which he forms two balls of energy in his hands, he then brings them together and forms a bigger fire ball above his head and then swings it around still grasping it and then throws then of which it seperates to form a hail of firballs in which it deals alot of damage

Shining Phoenix Fist - A technique in which he forms fireballs that surround his hand and they are very dangerous if the enemy touches them or gets hit they get severly burned and he uses it as a Martial Art technique

Darkness Dragon Blast - A technique that is forged of Dark Magic, in which he forms a powerful Dark Dragon that it is so powerful that it can destroy a whole mountain range with one blast, but when fired upon a opponent it swallows the opponent in darkness eventually making the opponent die of fear and it sometimes doesn't kill the opponent but it will cause tremendous damage to the opponent

Burning Dragon Fist - A technique in which he can form fireballs that cover his hands and part of his arm, in which the fireballs form into Dragon's head that engulf his hands and he also uses it as a hand to hand kombat move but it can also shoot as a energy beam and it can cause severe damage and it can burn severly

Dragon of the Shining Flame - A technique that once was Dragon of the Shadow Flame, but it was purified by the Sharkon Jewel Shards, but this version is twice as powerful