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Name: Ecki Ishimori

Age: 19

Height: 5ft 9in

Weight: 155 lbs

Personality: Ecki is the guy that is cool and collective and always likes to be a joker but his pranks are harmless and never hurt anyone, he is also a good warrior as well, he has learned about a handful of martial arts living out his parents dreams

Bio/History: Eckis history is clouded in shadows but he knows that he had lived out his parents dreams as a warrior and a good one at that he stays very calm and collective during situations but still he is a cool going guy

Weapons: he has two Kodachi, two Kama, and Kunai as well, he has a bag he wears that holds everything he needs


His pet Kululu


Name: Later to be announced

Age: 18

Race: Part Kitsune (( Fox Demon )), Part Human

Weight: 160 lbs

Height: 5' 11"

Silver Kitsunes Favorite Element: Fire

Items That he Carries:

Flute: A flute that The Silver Kitsune carries because he likes to play it, for only one reason is his parents played him his favorite song called Dragon's Lullaby on the same flute he carries, and he stills plays the same song till today although he knows more songs

A Locket: This Locket was given to him by somebody special when he was younger and he only opens it when he is alone

His Satchel: This bag he made out of the fur and skin of an Yokarkan Hoshmammoth, Although he made the bag out of a rare animal, he wasnt the one that killed the animal when he was able to travel and not confined to the his prison atop the mountain he felt he needed a new bag so he took the a section of the mammoth and made his new bag

Potions: He carries these potions to heal wounds or just to give energy back to the person if they are weak or he uses the potions to create Spells and such

A Slagwurms Tooth: This tooth he bought at a market on the continent of Harsua although it has been years since he has left the cave on top of the mountain he still remembers the days when he could be free from his prison atop the mountain, but still he still thinks the tooth is a good luck charm

Three Jigon Jewel Shards: These three shards were gaven to him by an old peddler since he did use to travel around the world and such but he didnt know they were to a very powerful jewel that had been shattered a long time ago before he had been alive, so he just keeps them as good luck charms

Fire Elemental Orb: This Orb is the Symbol of Fire, since the Silver Kitsune was born of Fire he had put it as a decoration on the hilt of his sword

Chimeara Blood Charm: This Charm was found when he was walking on a forest path that he was following to get to another village to get food and water since he had ran out and in this charm it is holding the blood of that of a Chimeara

Silver Kitsune's Outfit: Silver Kitsune wears a red yukata with royal symbols on it, he wears a straw farmers hat with a round brim and is wide, he also wears wooden sandals with white socks, and wears a tattered cloak with a crescent moon holding it together closer to his right shoulder, he wears a pendant as well which is always kept shown the other charms he wears are always hidden, he also wears that of black gloves which have an emblem of a silver kitsune on them, he also wears tinted glasses so as to hide his true eyes


His Swords:

Dragonstar: One of the Swords of a set of three, This Sword is a Katana, forged from that of the finest steel, its hilt made from a dragons tooth, and it was blessed with Dragons blood to keep it from ever going dull, and then blessed with a Phoenix Feather to keep it from breaking, meaning it can cut through anything and everything, This sword along with the other two were given to him by his father when he was old enough

Fallenstar: This Sword the second of the three, also a Katana, but instead of its hilt being made from a Dragons tooth, it was made from that of a Hoshmammoths tusk, but still being blessed with Dragons Blood and a Phoenixs Feather and still being made from the finest and strongest steel around

Fallen Dragon Saber: The Third Sword of the three but instead of being a Katana its a Reverse-Bladed Zakabato, although same thing with this one as the other two its hilt instead of being made from a Hoshmammoths Tusk or a Dragons Tooth this hilt is made from a Phoenixs Talon

Other Weapons:

Kama: He uses these as his normal weapons when fighting instead of his swords most of the time, he keeps them stored in the front of his belt where he can actually get them

Kusari-gama: He only recently obtained this weapon, before he was imprisoned, this weapon was stored at his side and he only used a few times before he was imprisoned

Kunai & Shuriken: He has had these for awhile but barely uses them but he does store them in a pouch on his belt, on his back

Bow and Arrows: He uses these when he is hunting and that is when he leaves his other weapons behind and only uses his Bow and Arrows, he made them himself out of the finest wood and uses the finest of tips for his arrows


His personality has changed over the years from being very open to other people, and happy, to being a socluded and very dismal person


Nobody knows his true history